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At the beginning of 2016, Ehrl Baier & Kollegen Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH and Steuerkanzlei Helmensdorfer have joined together to Ehrl Helmensdorfer Baier Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH.
With around 20 employees, you will be awaited by a team of competent experts, who are committed to providing you with comprehensive support in business, financial and tax matters and to develop and implement strategies and individual concepts together with you.

Office location Regensburg

The tax office was founded in 1983 by tax consultant Bernhard Alt. Since 1997, the offices have been located in Wittelsbacherstraße 12 in Regensburg. In recent years, thanks to highly motivated employees, the group of clients has been considerably expanded and an additional office floor was taken at the beginning of 2010. Since 2004, the tax office has been managed by Mrs. tax consultant Sabine Ehrl and Mr. auditor and tax consultant Markus Baier.

Office location Nuremberg

The Helmensdorfer tax office was founded in the 1960s by the tax consultant Irmgard Krieger. From 1985 onwards, the company was successfully managed by her daughter Ms. tax consultant Luise Helmensdorfer together with Wolfgang Helmensdorfer. The third generation, in person of Mr. auditor and tax consultant Florian Helmensdorfer has been managing and expanding the office since 2014, whereby many clients having trusted the expertise of the family and their employees for more than 40 years.
Steuerberater Regensburg und Röthenbach - Ehrl · Helmensdorfer · Baier

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