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Attractive area of ​​responsibility

We trust in the skills of our employees and therefore give them the opportunity to look after our clients in personal contact on their own responsibility. We attach great importance to deploying every employee according to their skills. We cultivate the "open door" culture, which means that there is always the possibility to contact the team leader or the relevant partner with any questions.

Working in teams opens up the possibility of contributing according to your inclinations and strengths and specializing accordingly. This makes it possible to quickly expand your knowledge and grow with your own success and become a sought-after specialist.

Modern workplace in an attractive environment

We would like to support our clients efficiently at a consistently high level of quality. This is only possible with qualified employees, who in turn find suitable working conditions to be able to do excellent work.

For this reason, our employees can expect an ergonomically designed workplace that is equipped with the latest office technology. We work largely paperless and use the latest software products from Datev. Thanks to our process-oriented working with Datev ProCheck, new employees can quickly adapt to the firm's standards. Of course, every newcomer is supported by an experienced employee until our way of working has become routine.

With our tastefully and modernly furnished listed office spaces, we have a jewelery box in Regensburg that is second to none. In addition, the immediate location at Dörnbergpark and the old town within walking distance offer an extremely high additional benefit for relaxed lunch breaks and quick errands.

Friendly cooperation

We attach great importance to constructive and partnership-based cooperation with colleagues and superiors. This includes respectful interaction with one another, mutual assistance with technical questions and the appreciation and recognition of good work.

We have short communication and decision-making channels and swift implementation of agreements made. Basically, a monthly meeting of all employees takes place, in which both organizational and technical innovations are discussed and at the same time suggestions from the circle of employees are made.
Steuerberater Regensburg und Röthenbach - Ehrl · Helmensdorfer · Baier

Our callback service

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