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Overview: Benefits to you

For you as an entrepreneur it is important to keep your head clear for the essentials. One of the keys to success here is having accounts dealt with efficiently and faultlessly.

For even greater effectiveness, the work processes and division of work can be organised in such a way with your tax consultant that there is no doubling up of work and the use of modern-day technology can cut down on the routine tasks faced by both the entrepreneur and the consultant. The time that this frees up can be put to better use elsewhere.

The key to attaining this goal is to have the data available for processing in digital form at the earliest possible stage in the process. To this end, DATEV has developed the perfect solution for every company, in the form of “Unternehmen online” business software. It is suitable for both one-person businesses and large companies alike. Why wait to find out more about the benefits of this modern form of accounting? The following video is sure to get you interested in taking advantage of the technical facilities for saving time every single day while getting information processed more speedily and with online availability:

Benefits throughout the entire business process

As an entrepreneur, using “Unternehmen online” will bring you the following benefits in particular:
  • Receipts and vouchers need never leave your premises again, and you cut out the nuisance of filing them as well, as they can be simply filed away chronologically immediately after scanning. Moreover, you also save the time and money involved in transporting the receipts and vouchers otherwise required.
  • You can retrieve documents from your audit-compliant archive from anywhere in the world, at any time, and can find the document you are looking for in next-to-no-time just like with a search engine. Searching through folders full of paper becomes a thing of the past.
  • If required, you can use the integrated cash journal online to do your audit-compliant accounts online.
  • By paying the receipts which have been entered in digital form online, you gain time because the intelligent predictive text function makes payment suggestions after completion of the scanning process, and these are transferred directly to your bank after approval, as you are accustomed to with online banking.
  • An overview of outstanding incoming and outgoing invoices is available to you at all times.
  • You decide the posting and assessment cycle yourself (weekly, monthly or quarterly).
  • As soon as we have produced your assessments and they are available to you, you receive automatic notification by email.
  • Your data are archived exclusively in Germany and nowhere else. The entire data transfer process is encrypted and secure. For the security and data protection of your data, Datev makes use of the biggest datacentre in Europe.
The following video provides you with a short demonstration of the benefits of “Unternehmen online” from the perspective of an entrepreneur:


All you need to be able to use "Unternehmen online" is internet access. We will be glad to assist you with getting it set up: In most cases we can access your computer directly by remote access, once you have given us your consent, and carry out all the installation work there. We may do this together with your system administrator if necessary.

The only thing you still need after the software has been installed is a high-performance scanner, and then you can get started right away! We will be glad to advise you on the selection of a suitable device. Should you prefer not to do the scanning yourself, but still wish to enjoy the benefits of "Unternehmen online" such as, e.g. the document archive, we can also do the scanning for you at our office.

After a short time to get used to it, you are sure to find that making the switch from the previous sorting of receipts and vouchers to scanning and transferring them is easier than you thought and is even fun.
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