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No matter if you plan to create a German site/affiliate of your company or plan to go initiate your first independent business: We assist you in all belongings.

The first step is always the most difficult, but also the most important. As a result, the initial decision regarding legal form, place and additional set-up needs to be well considered. We advise you before starting your activity with regard to obligations, options and designs to final implementation. We support you in both official business and for all credit matters, including forecasting and profitability previews, liquidity plans and concepts. We help you in all questions to start and implement your new business. From the outset, we provide you with help and advice for a successful start and future growth.

Our approach for you includes services of our large network including notaries, lawyers and banks if needed.

We offer this in addition to the consideration of the tax aspects that are necessary for a secure enterprise starting from a single source. Of course, we will accompany you on all tax and business issues.

Our services:

  • Comprehensive experience through support of successful start-ups.
  • Consulting for projects, feasibility, cost-effectiveness.
  • Advice on future obligations.
  • Creating a business plan (forecast, profitability, liquidity, concept, including certificate).
  • At start-ups that require notarization consultation with the notary.
  • Registration with the tax authorities, preparation of tax collection form, application for tax number, etc.
  • Information and support to the business registration.
  • Help in choosing a financing credit institution (bank, development banks, etc.).
  • Follow-up: Accounting services, all tax declarations, payroll calculation, tax and economical advice in national and international context.
Steuerberater Regensburg und Röthenbach - Ehrl · Helmensdorfer · Baier

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